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More Mod Com

I’ve just got an interesting E-Mail from Colin in Ozland. He sent attachments in response to my post about Modern Communication. Here they are and I am sure they will make you smile as much as I did when I saw them.

Nice biting humour about the trend to ‘need to be always online via my smartphone’. When recently in Australia I noted the dominance of ‘always being there’ among the under 30s. I talked to Ian and Birgit about this and Ian drew my attention to the piercing high tones of female under 30s when talking in public on the smart phone.

I checked this and he was right. I could hear them before I could see them!! A bit like Dame Edna Everage but at higher decibels!! I wondered if this had anything to do with the development of Australian English and recent publication of an Australian English Dictionary? Shows how far the languages are drifting apart.

Or perhaps it indicates that more people are going deaf and you have to shout at them regardless of where you are in a public space, And to hell with members of the public standing nearby. I don’t think I like this aspect of the future.

Talking of the future: Who pays for the smart phones in the hands of 7/8 year olds used in schools/on the street. What else are they doing with these phones?? Hello Ma and Pa – wake up!