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I told you about my cholesterin level problem a few posts ago. This morning I went to my training centre to do the obvious. The owner/trainer is called Bernd and while I was training using my old plan, he was writing a new one for me.

It contains many of the machines from my old training plan. There are some new ones but the main change is the time I have to exercise on cycles. I have to start with a 10 minutes warm up, then to the machines and at the end 30 minutes on a cycle, walking machine or something called a Crosswalker.

We agreed to meet at 10.30am on Wednesday when he will take me through the Training Plan step be step.  Also new in my plan is the section about Ernährung =nuitrition/diet. From 7.00pm no carbohydrates, but I am allowed to have protein after 7.00pm. I wonder if a glass of red wine comes under protein :-))

I am allowed to eat as many vegetables as I like, and preferably unadulterated and not processed. I have to drink at lot of water, tea etc and at least 3 liters/litres a day. I am allowed to eat fat but the recommendation is to only eat fat which is liquid at room temperature = oil/olive or vegetable.

So that is my new regime until the end of July when there will be other tests made to see what progress I have made. The key is to see if my cholesterin level has gone down.