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Busy Day

Today is an extra busy one over most of the world. It marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, which is being remembered with due respect in all affected countries. The Brits have a singular reason to be extra, extra busy today. They voted in a General Election yesterday and the results were published today. They swung to the political right!

It also marks a special day for me. Whenever I celebrate my birthday I always think of the two doctors who advised my in Brighton General Hospital many years ago. Those of you who know me also know that story. For those not sure, I was told I would not live to be 65 and I should not wait for retirement to do what was important to me.

Pauline and Lew reacted by buying me a one way flight to Germany (thanks again both) and the rest is history. My day started by watching the BBC News reports about the election results. I was not surprised at the results coming in. The SNP swing in Scotland was also no surprise. I packed my rucksack and headed for my usual training session with Kerstin and the ‘Training Oldies’.

We started with a glass of sekt and a few nibbles with lots of good luck greetings. I made an appointment with my trainer for next Monday to get a new Training Plan. I showed him the report I told you about in my last post – about high cholesterol. He said I should just eat what I enjoy and do a little more training!

From there I went to my Photoshop Gang. Most were on holiday so we are taking a break until July when all return. Throughout the day I have had lots of calls wishing me all the best. They came from Max, Beatrix, Birgit, Marita, a special long distance call from Jan and finally from Marcel. I also got 21 cards. You can see them here. I had to include an image of me in an absolutely impossble role sent by Werner and his Photoshop programme!

In a short time I am going to the building where the document ending WWII was signed. It is ten minutes walk from where I live. The SPD has asked for members to meet there to counter a demonstration by the NPD (German Nazi Party). I wonder if I shall be the oldest counter demonstrator there. As I said, the 8th May is a busy day!