Left bed

Prost Pic

I just had to share this pic with you. It is great and captures the ‘spirit’ of our bicycle ride and picnic yesterday. I got a number of photos from other members of the group and selected this one. I think it was taken by Petra – but not sure.

The heroes are from left to right, Falk, Waldemar and me. We were taking our ‘medicine’ after the splendid picnic. I think Uli must have wandered off somewhere when the shot was taken. Hope it brings a smile to your face!

I recently got another photo and this was of another very photogenic person. Yes, it is Jan. He looks really well so I decided to share with the Silsdeners, Caslanders and Shirley who all know him. He safely landed at his destination and is now working off the coast of north Australia.

We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him safely back with Arancha in a few weeks. Take care of yourself, Jan!