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I hesitated about posting this news, then decided to share with you. It also makes life easier than posting the information into many e-mails 🙂 I went to my doctor’s last Tuesday to pick up the results of the laboratory test taken the Friday before.

The story really starts last January when I spent nearly a week in hospital having a series of tests. The beginning of a heart attack was feared. I posted details on my blog, if you remember, so all I am doing now is updating the initial report.

After a number of tests I was allowed home and later cleared to fly to Australia. I did this and returned to an appointment in a local clinic. I passed the test there but with proviso that I report to my Doc and have a specialist test. I did just that and got the result last Tuesday.

On entering the Doc’s room he just said, “It is not good.” In short my cholesterin levels are not right. The big problem is my High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterin level leading to a high Atherosklerose-Index of 4.4. Five and above is the highest risk level of a heart attack.

In our bodies the heart pumps blood out into the arteries – and returns via the veins. My arteries are blocking. The doc said not to panic and has given me tablets to reduce cholesterol. In addition I have to visit the gym more and talk to my trainer about the problem to get a new training plan. More cycling and walking is also required.

I also have to eat more fibre, reduce weight and eat more fruit and vegetables, including raw carrots.  Tests will be sent back to the laboratory throughout the summer to observe any changes. That’s all my news for today!