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May 2015 Things

Tomorrow starts the ‘Merry Month of May’, which is also the title of a Middle Ages Volkslied/Folksong. It is a public holiday in Germany – and the rest of the EU. A la Thatcher it is not in the UK. About time you Brits changed that decision. Wake up!

I have already packed half of my rucksack ready for the journey to Ostbahnhof/East Station. There I shall pick up a regional train going to the German/Polish border. I shall find the bicycle section and discover Waldamir and Nene who are part of my ‘Muggelsee Gang’. Together we shall travel to a suburb of Berlin called Erkner.

Ulli is ‘The Boss’ tomorrow so we shall all follow him as we explore the local scenery. As usual we shall stop for a picnic. I always enjoy this. I do not bring any food for my task was long ago determined as a provider of something liquid. I am sure they will like what I take along tomorrow.

I have settled back into life in Berlin and weekly routine but I still miss being in Australia. I never thought it would affect me like this. News is that Jan is now working off the coast of Australia. To be exact north of Perth. It is not his first time there. I can now truly sympathize with him about the long hours spent on a plane. Take care of yourself Jan!

Yesterday was my SPD day. It started in the afternoon by distributing leaflets/information about the party and the head of my local party. He is Dr. Gregor Költzsch and was recently elevated to sit in the Berlin Parliament. He is a very likeable person and speaks excellent English. It was very pleasant to meet and talk to so many local people who dropped into the opening of his new office.

Who has a birthday in May?
 Max starts the month with his 32nd on the 2nd of May. A person called Marcel Mester has his 21st on the 6th May. Shortly after is the birthday on the 8th May of a VIP who shall be nameless :-)))   Hans will be 64 on the 11th, Trish in Turkey will be 62 on the 13th – I wish I could be there to celebrate – and Heike D. in Berlin will celebrate the big day with her family in Berlin on the 16th. Moving to the 21st May we find Sylvia in Brighton celebrating her 59th with Micheal and daughters. This is a day she shares with my wonderful cousin Barbara in Silsden, and for whom I write this blog together with my ‘little’ sister Frances, who also lives in Silsden. Happy Birthday to each and all!!!