Left bed


As you know from reading my recent post, I did not go to the Photoshop Gang meeting on Friday afternoon. Sometimes we play around with images and create new ones which look real but in fact do not exist.

That did not stop me from ‘cheating’ and creating a photo that in fact doesn’t exist. I found a new programme from Microsoft and played around with it. Here is the result. I stitched two photographs together. See if you can see where they don’t join!

Yes, I cheated but what has that got to do with the title of this post? Let me explain. The German verb schummeln has a number of translations in English. One is ‘to cheat’. I have always liked the sound of this German verb, so I created another ‘Denglish’ word.

Denglish is growing here. It is a collection of about 13,000 words that look like English but which in fact are not. For example: Let us take the word schummeln and make it into the equivalent of the First Participle in English (Partizip I in German). That means adding  -ing to the end.

Do this and you get schummel minus -n to make way for -ing and you end up with schummeling! Here is my work of ‘schummeling’ art :-))