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Neue Kunst

It was pleasant to meet my Photoshop Gang last Friday afternoon. It was the first sunny day of Spring. We relaxed over coffee and some tasty chocolate and fruit cakes, plus intelligent conversation – as usual 🙂

I got a ‘newish’ printer from Stefan. It is a 3in1 Cannon Pixma. My old, made in 2000, HP Inkjet finally gave up its ghost last Wednesday. I put it outside next to the waste bins and it disappeared within an hour!

My homework for this afternoon is to get the Cannon up and running. Not an easy task for I want to link three computers using different systems to it and over my WiFi/Wlan. That means loading software into each computer so it/they recognise the Cannon is sitting next to it/them!
UPDATE: I’ve got it operating on my laptop running Microsoft. I’ll try the same on the Macs tomorrow!

After the coffee and cakes, we adjourned to the computer room and I created this work of art. Do you like it? I found it interesting to produce this type of background before adding the photos. They are all of Berlin taken at above ground level.