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I think most of us have a hobby. Mine is photography which developed over the last few years. It was a spin-off from my Photoshop Gang and encouraged by Stefan.

Colin has a hobby. It is not photography. Those of you who follow my blog and recent adventures in Australian will know it is model planes.

It helps, as in the case of Colin, if you have spent years in different planes owned by Quantos or Virgin Australia as a pilot.

He retired recently and started to explore his German family connections. When not doing that he builds/repairs/flies model planes.

He is a member of a model plane club with a nice green area for flying in the very south of Sydney. He showed it to me when I was there. I also saw the workshop where he designs, repairs and builds model planes.

The workshop was originally a garage for two cars located at the entrance to his house. His car now sits under a tree outside the garage!

I recently sent him an e-mail and photos of our ‘Müller Gang’ meeting. He replied with news of what he is doing and enclosed a few photos. Here we can see Colin in his garage making a model plane. Another is of the results.

For me a very impressive photo is that taken at sunset on the water/lake behind his back garden. The photo was taken at a stage showing the red in the sky and the even deeper red reflexion in the water behind his house. This image reminds me of my visit there. Happy memories!