Left bed

5 Stars

What has five stars? Ehhh…err..err  Give up?  Okay, the answer is in Daniel’s left hand. He arrived yesterday for an English session. We started with tea/coffee and cakes as usual. He then informed me that ‘Mutti’ had arrived from Moldavia (Correction from Daniel: It is called Moldova) to spend two weeks with her husband and son. Good news.

He then produced the bottle and chocs as a gift from Mutti and family as thanks for helping Daniel. What can you say? I was speechless at first. Of course I accepted them. Daniel told me the bottle contained a very fine made in Moldova 5 Star Brandy.

I didn’t know such a thing existed. How ignorant are we of our not so far away neighbours culture, history and traditions? He told me that this brandy had been very popular in the Soviet Union period and nearly all production had gone there.

The chocs are also famous for quality and taste. I really must learn more about parts of eastern Europe I have not yet been to. I decided to open both on my birthday in a months time. Such quality products deserve a quality occasion to be opened and enjoyed! I shall share the taste experience with you then:-))