Left bed


Hello Silsdeners, what does K&K mean?  You may quickly check back into old posts for I have used it before. Time is up. It means Kaffee und Kuchen. You don’t need to speak German to quickly understand these words mean coffee and cake. Well done!

I told you I was going to an 80th birthday party yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Much better than I thought it would be. Good atmosphere and discussions. It started with a splendid fluted crystal glass of Fürst Metternich Sekt – and then another one!

This was followed by a very tasty fish dish with freshly cooked spinach. A suitable cool dry white wine was served with it. We retired to the sitting room for more conversation and to relax after the meal. At 4 o’clock the table was suddenly covered with K&K. Here is a shot taken with my phone camera. It was an excuse to use the best china cups, saucers and plates. Very fine!

Last night I slept badly and gave up at 4:30am. Fresh tea and a book to which I added a sleeping tablet. Read on until eyes began to close and quickly back into bed. I slept until 13:15/1:15pm. Unbelievable! I even slept through the arrival of the workmen on the building site opposite my bedroom and the start of all their banging. The downside is that I have felt groggy ever since.

Look at this photo. I always smile when I see it. I am still amazed at the human ability to solve a problem. Camera and tripod not high enough? No problem – just do this to solve the problem. Great :-))