Left bed

More pies

How about this to get your taste buds moving? Mmmmhh…..pies!

Unfortunately they were not destined for my table. Jan sent me this photo with the comment that they tasted great. I can believe it!

Arancha was in London recently for a business meeting and bought said pies for Jan as she left. She had learnt about pies from me and my blog.

The pie on the left looks like a traditional pork pie – perhaps from Melton Mowbray Pies for they are the market leader. Could even be from Marks & Spencer.

They were not made in Skipton and I know they do NOT taste like those made by the  pie shop there. Even so, I could bite into it right now.

The pie on the right looks like it could have any filling including fruit. This one is a chicken pie – Jan told me. I think I would go for two pork pies. What about you?