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April 2015 Things

I have had a difficult time adjusting to life in Berlin. I am now back into my usual routine and that should help to made the full adjustment in April. The weather is terrible, which means it is not 30°C with high humidity. This morning we had snow. Where is Spring?

I have booked my flight and hotel in Spain for the first week of July. I shall stay in Berlin until then even though I am getting ‘itchy feet’. I am not going to Dublin for my birthday because the Dubliners are coming here. Looking forward to seeing them again. August will see me away from Berlin, but more of that in later posts.

Nothing special or different in my diary during April except a note to listen to the BBC News more often. There is an election on the 7th May so I plan to listen to the campaign as it gathers pace during the month. If the Conservatives win, they will call a Referendum on leaving the EC. If so, I expect most Brits to vote to leave. I am already prepared for that to happen. Goodbye Brits!

Who has a birthday in April?  Horst hits 81 this Saturday and I have been invited to a small, family event based on coffee and cake to celebrate the event. Petra celebrates on the 8th with her family not far from here. Daniel in Sydney will be 36 on the 9th followed on the 11th by Dennis in California. No doubt he will celebrate with his wife and now very tall teenage twin sons! Neil hits 58 on the 13th and will celebrate on the Rhein with his lady. Henri is my great-nephew and will be all of 5 on the 18th. Mathias my business partner will celebrate his 51st with his wife on the 19th in Berlin. Peter in Altlandsberg will celebrate his 52nd on the 22nd and the birthday month ends with Birgit F. who will toast her 51st year on 24th April. Happy Birthday to all and each and have a great time with family and friends!