Left bed


I dozed through yesterday. It was nice! I had no appointments and the weather was fine. I planned a bicycle ride in the afternoon but didn’t make it.

A book and dozing got in the way. I started a new chapter in my book. ‘IDEAS’. I’ve talked about it before. I read one chapter and stretched out on the couch. That was it. On waking I read more and then dozed more.

This pattern ended in the evening when I watched football on TV in HD. It was a friendly game between Germany and Australia. I was surprised at how well the Australian team played and I think the German players and manager were.

It ended 2:2 but the Australian team dominated most of the game. Germany is playing Croatia on Sunday and this time it is for a place in the championship.

I am back into my usual Berlin routines including a lot of nose blowing at this time of year. Yes, I came back to all my allergies. Berlin water and air also showed its presence on my hair, skin, fingers and nails. All the problems are back.

I wonder if I shall end up looking like this gent?  There is only one long term solution and that is to live somewhere else. How about NSW or Victoria? :-))