Left bed

For Barbara

This post is for Barbara, but the rest of you may read it :-))   I have just got home and found my telephone blinking. It was a message from cousin Barbara calling all the way from Silsden. I write this blog for her and sister Frances.

Barbara has followed every step of my recent Australia trip and reads my blog regularly, even if I post from Berlin. She said she was concerned about me for she had not read a blog update since 9th March which was my first full day in Bangkok.

I checked the blog and all machines were showing ‘Settling In’ to Berlin posted on Saturday 14 March. I am going to call to reassure her that I’m okay even if still not sleeping properly and feel listless. I think my problems are psychological. I don’t want to be here but in Sydney or Melbourne.

Thanks for your concern liebe Barbara! Here is a special card for you. I got it in Sydney. It is called ‘Mother of all Hens 2014’ and created by Nicole Levy-Atkinson. I really like the simple structure and wonderful arrangement of colours. Seeing them always makes me smile 🙂 Hope you like it.