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Mardi Gras

I have just returned from my first Mardi Gras. No, it was not in Rio de Janeiro. It ended two streets away from Ian and Birgits house here in Sydney and that is where I watched it. It started at 8.00pm and ended after 10.00pm. It is now 11.00pm and a police helicopter is circling overhead. What a noise – go away and let us sleep!

I discovered it was an event organised by many associations, political parties, sport clubs and all under the banner of the Gay and Lesbian Association. That was soon clear after a few minutes of watching the procession.

The event was well organised and the participants clearly enjoyed themselves as you can see from the photos. Not all looked like models. Most looked like Mr and Mrs Joe Public with the same bulges and body shapes as the rest of us have.

Earlier I had packed my big bag ready for the taxi at 12 noon. I then go to the International Airport and at 3.30pm fly to Bangkok. I do not want to leave. I would rather stay here. It is amazing how this place has absorbed me in the month I have been here.

I hope to update the blog from Bangkok and share my experiences with you. Please allow a couple of days for me to get there, see something, take a few photos and then post an update. Bis dahin!