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Olli the Ele

Saturday was Peter’s birthday. We met up in the evening and he chose a local restaurant for his birthday meal. The served Spanish side dishes and a special one.

Here is a photo of Peter finishing a plate of the special food with a few chips. The author of the recipe is Joyce Radin. Here is how to make it:

Serves – 3,685.  Preparation time – 2 months. Ingredients – 1 large elephant.

Method: Secure one large elephant. Kill, clean and cut into cubes. This will take two months. Put in a large pot and simmer over a kerosene heater at 465°F for 14 weeks. Make gravy to cover. About 30 gallons should be sufficient.

If more meat is required to enhance the flavours of the stew, just add one tiger caught very early in the morning for freshness. Skin must be removed and also teeth and claws for health reasons.

The stew can be frozen for up to 5 years.  

Mmmmh….delicious with all the side dishes we had. Try it for your next birthday. Cheers to Olli!