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March 2015 Things

As I start the month I also start my final week in and around Sydney. Today I went in search of a local hairdresser, with no success. Perhaps because it was Monday morning. Tomorrow I am going to explore The Rocks section of Sydney, climb up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, cross it and later revisit Manly for another walk on the beach.

On Thursday I shall meet Colin and go on a days walk with him and a gang of local ‘Oldies’. On Friday Ian and Birgit will be my guests for a splendid evening of eating and drinking. It is my way of thanking them for being my hosts. Next day they are flying to Hong Kong so that will be our final evening.

This is a photo of the Parliament building in Melbourne to remind me of a wonderful week there.

On Saturday I shall go to a Mardi Gras festival/procession not far from where I stay. Sunday is packing my bags, into a taxi and off to the airport to catch my flight to Bangkok. I shall be there for three days before the final flight to Berlin via Vienna.

Back to normal life in Berlin which means going to the Philharmonie on Sunday 15 March for a concert. After that are SPD meetings, seeing Frau Fox, Daniel, my Oldie breakfast, camera club, keeping fit with Kerstin and my Photoshop Gang.

Who has a birthday in March? All my computers celebrate being 7 years old starting with my MacBook on 19th March :-))  Colin in Australia will be 64 on the 19th. It is a day he shares with his cousin Johanna in Berlin but she is few years older. Dr. Günter P will celebrate another birthday with his family on 22 March, Dr. Bernd W. near Bernau will celebrate his big day with family on 28 March and that is it.  Happy Birthday to each and all!