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Not Worried Now

UPDATE: Now I am not worried about Heike:-))  I have just returned from Canberra and picked up a message from Heike.

She said she was okay in the comment box of this blog. Jan also told me the ship would go around the cyclone for he had experienced the same thing in a ship. Colin told me the same about avoiding a cyclone experience and that I should not worry.

All of you were right so I decided to offer a thank you care of Aldi, which I was pleased to discover had discovered Australia before me!! Which one would you like?

ORIGINAL:  I am worried about Heike. She is heading north on her cruise ship and they are sailing into one of two major cyclones. I am listening to BBC World Service at the moment and just heard a report about 200 klm winds and 5 metre high waves plus storm warnings!

I’m going into the Blue Mountains tomorrow and then to Canberra. I don’t know if I shall have access to the internet. If so I shall continue to update. If not then I shall update as soon as I return.