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For Jan

This blog post is for Jan. I know everyone can read it but I have Jan’s face and a glass of beer in front of my eyes as I write the words. Two streets away from where I live is a street with a ‘German’ Bakery. Ian and Birgit go there for they also sell a lot of organic kinds of bread/food.

Just across the road is a pub called “The Local”. Not very original but it clearly tells the ‘natives’ what its business is. On the side of the pub is a quote and when I saw it a few days ago with Daniel, he said to me, “Perfect for Jan”. That gave me the idea to share it and so present another aspect of life and culture in Sydney.

If you cannot clearly read the text here it is. ” There is more to life than beer alone, but beer makes those other things even better.” – Stephen Morris. I am told he is a footballer in the AFL and
son of a famous player and trainer. He clearly also has a way with words!  Now you can pour a beer Jan and enjoy it!