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Three Beaches

I started the day with a light breakfast of savoury muffin with green herbal tea at the cafe in the local bookshop. I really like the place. It is the atmosphere. Bookish, friendly, casual and relaxing. After that I caught a bus to Bondi Beach – yes again, but the sun was shining as well as 29°C.

I walked to the south part of the beach and picked up a track. It is now a famous tourist attraction for it takes us to two other beaches. Here is a photo of Bondi with lots of people basking in the sunlight and/or enjoying the surf.

As I walked along the track I was surprised to see the change of view as I turned the headland. Here is a shot. You can see it is much greener. I walked onto Tamarama Beach. Much smaller than Bondi and with less people. I had a coffee break and watched how people relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

Then back on my feet and off again until I reached Bronte Beach. I liked the name and didn’t need to ask anyone where it came from 🙂  Again a break to soak in the atmosphere and reflect on how different life is in this part of Australia. Patrick really should have fought harder to make sure we moved there in 1951-2, but that is another story!

I walked back to Bondi for I had enjoyed it so much and it only takes about an hour. I then did some shopping and had early dinner in an Italian restaurant recommended to me. I drank a whole bottle of iced water. The food was delicious and after a day of walking I was ready for it. I hope you also had a happy day!