Left bed

Daniel’s den

The big thing yesterday was meeting Daniel. He flew in from Melbourne and called me from the airport. We agreed to meet and he later drove over and picked me up. He had the chance to see the house and garden where I am staying. He looked very well and healthy, in fact a good advert for life in Sydney based on jogging, surfing and keep fit. He does all of them!

He lives in Coogee, which I always pronounced incorrectly. It is south-east of where I live and has its own beach. Very nice but he surfs at Maroubra, where I went for Sunday breakfast, because it has larger and stronger waves for surfing. Now you know where to surf when you are next in Sydney.

He had booked a table at one of his favourite restaurants. Nice service and food. I had fish and a glass of local white wine. Tasty! He posed with this beer for Jan to enjoy. It tasted nice Jan so try it when you are here 🙂

We caught up on news then went for a walk along the side of a cliff. I took a taxi home and reflected on the evening. We are going to meet in my final week and then go for a longer walk along the cliffs. Can’t wait!