Left bed

Maroubra Beach

I woke at 9.00am this morning and dozed. At about 10.00 am I heard Birgit’s voice, “Get moving John, we are going for breakfast.” I jumped into my trousers, said something about shaving and was told I didn’t need too and I didn’t need to wash!!

I galloped behind them and got into the car. About twenty minutes later we arrived at Maroubra Beach. We finally found a parking place but sill had over 5 minutes to walk to our destination. This was a restaurant on the beach. The order of the day was Sunday Breakfast.

I looked at the menu. Lots of light dishes to take you into the day but I settled on ‘The Ultimate’. This was the traditional cooked breakfast. Bacon and Eggs with everything in it!!  A real killer and not one to show to your doctor :-)) It actually tasted rather bland even with the coffee I ordered instead of black tea!

Ian decided to take a photo for historical reasons = to show that I had actually eaten ‘The Ultimate’. I obliged as I ‘stuffed my gob’. Try to translate that!! I survived it all and emerged from the restaurant to walk slowly back to the car.

At home, I wrote the first of my cards while sitting in the garden with the sun on my back. A pleasant experience as I switched between languages and hoped all family and friends would understand. Daniel arrived later and I set off on another adventure.