Left bed

Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep! My room is at the attic level with a balcony onto the back garden. Unfortunately it is not fitted with a cooling system for such temperatures as 30+°C. The solution was to put a mattress into the downstairs study room, which also has space to function as a bedroom. There it is cooler.

Fine on paper but it didn’t work in practice. Ian installed the mattress but I could not sleep comfortably on it in addition to all my other jet-lag and other travel problems which kept me awake. Ian found the solution this afternoon by bringing the bed from the attic into the study room. I shall test it in a short time.

In addition I went on a walk this afternoon and discovered a chemists/pharmacy. I told a nice lady my problem and she said I was not the first to ask for help. She talked to the chemist and they agreed on some tablets.  Nice service. I hope they work.

Birgit came back from a business trip to Melbourne this evening and when she heard about my sleeping problem she told me not to worry for I needed five days to adjust when I stayed with them in Beijing. I only remember three days but perhaps her memory is better than mine.

I finished the book in German this afternoon. I read it as a kind of sleeping pill but it didn’t work. The story was too exciting and kept me awake! I think I can feel the tablet working. Time for bed. Have a good sleep wherever you are!