Left bed


I arrived safely in Sydney this morning at 6.30 local time. You Silsdeners were still asleep then. I was very tired for I couldn’t sleep on the plane and my body clock was out of rythmn. I sat next to a very nice business man and we got into conversation.

He  was born in Chandigarh to the north of Delhi and works for a German based technology company.  He was returning to his family in Sydney after a long business trip. I enjoyed talking to him about my time in India and listening to his stories about change. We agreed to meet again for a beer and another chat about that wonderful country.

Ian was waiting for me at the airport and was I glad to see him. We had a coffee as we waited for Birgit who was returning from a two week business trip which had taken in London. Once together we set off for their home. Later Ian took me on a tour of ‘downtown’ Sydney including a ferry trip to an area in the bay called Watson.

There we had another coffee and snack and explored the area. On photo shows the stormy cliffs facing the sea that eventually takes you to New Zealand. Others are of me posing with the famous bridge in the background and one of me before the equally famous Opera House. The weather was overcast and with showers but it was still warm and humid.

Tomorrow we have a day of sightseeing planned and I shall call others who I want to meet on this trip. I now have a mobile phone. Ian lent me his ‘old’ one but it looks new! I am looking forward to a long night of sleep before more adventures tomorrow