Left bed


I had a very healthy breakfast this morning with lots of fruit and black tea. I have no idea why I overdosed on the hotel’s black tea but it tasted soooooo good! Later I dozed for I am still in travel time change. I then set off to explore a bit of Singapore.

On advice from the hotel desk I set off for Marina Bay and Bayfront. I discovered the Singapore Metro system and the nice, friendly staff who advised me. In two cases they even went with me to make sure I got on the right Metro train. You would never get that service in Berlin!

I arrived at the south side of the island and just went ‘Wow’ when I emerged from the underground world of the Metro. I took 14 photographs and share 4 of them now. After galloping around the area I had a break in a cafe and enjoyed my first beer.

This sentence is for Jan: It is called Tiger Beer and I was told it is made locally and based on the German/Czech recipe for beer. I’m not sure of that but it tasted like a good German beer. Perhaps I shall have a problem in Ozland for  I don’t like Foster’s Beer. I hope there are many tasty alternatives.

I shall explore more parts of the centre and waterfronts tomorrow. My flight to Sydney is at 9.00pm and I arrive for breakfast next day. This will be my last report until I have settled into life in Sydney.

Final comment is a very positive one about Singapore and its population. I have only had friendly help from them. Nice to be able to share this experience with you.