Left bed

Arrived Singapore

I made it to Singapore. What a change from Berlin. I left a city partly covered in snow and 0°C. I arrived in another city with 29°C and very humid plus with rather exotic plants and trees. The hi-rise central area where I am staying reminded me of Beijing. People very relaxed and friendly. The official languages are English and Mandarin Chinese.

Mathias drove me to Tegel airport in the north of Berlin. Was I grateful for the lift and conversation before the queuing, paperwork, checks, controls and all the increasing tiresome or even unpleasant things that constitute air travel these day.

The flight to Frankfort-am-Main went okay even if late and a local helped me to find my connecting flight. I got a seat on the aisle, because of leg/heart problems for the doc said I had move around a bit. I sat with three very charming young families of ‘Asian’  background. The kids were small and just starting to make sounds like words but very playful and noisy when it came to time for bed!

We also landed an hour late and then started another adventure of how to move around another giant airport. With smiling help from local officials I did it all and even found a chatty elderly taxi driver who was delighted when I greeted him in Mandarin. He never stopped talking and giving me tips about what to do and see on the way to the hotel.

I am staying at The York Hotel and I can recommend it to any of you who wander in this direction. Tomorrow I am going to explore the place and continue on Sunday before wending my way to the airport for the flight to Sydney. Here is a photo of my room and I shall be sinking into that big bed in a few minutes after hearing the news!