Left bed

I am adipös

Hello Silsdeners: I had visitors yesterday afternoon. Andrea arrived with Marco and a large selection of cakes. My job was to make the coffee – which I did!  It was my first meeting with Marco. He clearly felt at home and relaxed as we got the Kaffee und Kuchen ready.

I discovered he had a very good sense of humour and we soon started exchanging jokes. It was easy to relax with him and I wondered if he would enjoy my special brew. I offered him a glass of Daniel’s Opa’s Palinka poison!  He really liked it so we had another and he relaxed even more.

We had a few more as the evening advanced and got to know each other better. Andrea looked at us and smiled. She was driving so could not sip a glass or three. Even so, she clearly enjoyed our first meeting. We talked about their summer holiday in Hungary and their wedding plans at the end of next August.

She read my hospital report and started laughing. I asked why and she said the report said I was a little “adipös“. She then told me it meant obese in English! We made more jokes about this before they left. A really pleasant visit and I think they are ideal for each other.

I worked on these photos this afternoon in my MacBook. It is now seven years old. I checked it out and found it could still do all the things I need, so I am taking it with me to Australia. I plan to use it to update this blog. Let’s see, meanwhile I went to my travel agents and got the last of my documents. Now to pack my bag ready for Thursday!