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Hello Silsdeners – time for an update. I’ve had a very interesting week with more appointments per day as the week progressed. Monday began with helping a student write an academic text in English. We needed two more meetings during the week to complete the task, but we got there! Later that day I went to Johanna’s for a tasty meal with Jutta, Gerald and Colin. An evening with lots of good humour and jokes.

On Tuesday Daniel came for another lesson. This time he brought a present from his grandfather. It was a plastic bottle containing ‘Opa’s Special Home Made Palinka’ all the way from their farm in the south of Moldavia.  I could not resist having a small ‘snifter’. Wow! The first taste blew off the top of my head, rolled my eyes around and produced steam through my nose. Great! I enjoyed the second taste just as much.

I shall take a sample to my Photoshop Gang next week for I told them about it this afternoon and they want to have the top of their heads blown off :-)) His mother sent me a box of chocolates made in Moldavia as thanks for helping Daniel. This is the second she has sent. Thanks to both for your generosity! Here he is with the chocs and the new English Test book he has to work through in addition to his school book.

In my last post I showed the card sent by Andrei from St. Petersburg. Daniel translated it for me and this afternoon Stefan did the same. It reads as ‘S novum godam’ and means Seasons Greetings/ Happy New Year. Now we all know and thanks to both for the translation.