Left bed

Freddie Fish

After leaving Colin, I went to my local SPD committee meeting followed by the members meeting. A full four hours and I was more than tired when I arrived home. I only had to work for one hour checking my student’s academic report before I slipped between the sheets!

I had my Oldie Breakfast yesterday then had three teaching sessions before relaxing. This morning I met Kerstin’s Oldie Keep Fit Gang then galloped to my Photoshop Gang led by Stefan. Our first meeting since early December so lots of chat catching up with who did what and when and where.

This time we played around with something new. We decided to add photos of our last visit to Britzer Garten last August.I was not in Germany then but we used photos taken by Stefan of the place and of the others in the Gang.

These were added to a Google Maps image of Britzer Garten. We had never tried this before. I had no idea I/you/we can/could mix up such images. Here is my work of art. I decided the lake needed a fish. I found Freddie Fish and added him. He liked the water! What do you think?