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Andrei’s Peninsula

Hello Silsdeners and other blog readers. A very special welcome to readers from the Czech Republik. I note I had more hits from you than any other country in December. What have I done to deserve that honour? Please add a comment and introduce yourself/selves.

I also got a very nice reply to an e-mail from Andrei in St. Petersburg. We met when I was there with Herr Dr. Sir Peter von Longlegs last August – if you remember reading my post then. He sent me a photo of his favourite place on the peninsula. Here it is. Andrei also said it would be nice to meet in Russia in August. Must learn some basic Russian!

We shall no doubt arrange where and when exactly for Andrea in Berlin has priority. She is getting married to Marco in August. I would not miss it for all the gold in secret bank accounts! Can’t wait to see Andrea in her wedding dress, smiling at Marco and saying, “I do” in response to the question, “Do you take this man to be your lawful husband?”  Na, klar !!

This is just one of the nice things waiting for me this year. It starts with a flight to London in two weeks to celebrate Adrian and Tanja’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. I’ve already booked the flight and hotel. Hope to see others from my uni days in addition to Sarah and Reena.

Last week was relaxing as we swung into another year. It even included a haircut on Tuesday. Wow! I met my Oldie Camera Club on Wednesday afternoon and they liked the photos I had selected for them to see how good/bad I was with a camera.

I met my Muggelsee Gang in a restaurant for our ‘Winter Meeting’ on Friday night and this morning I went to a special New Year Brunch for SPD members in my area. Very tasty and with lots of interesting conversation. Have a good start to the week wherever you are 🙂