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Oz celebrations

I’ve had a quiet ‘slip’ into the new year. Things are now becoming more active, but at least I had time to read more. I’ve had some very interesting cards and messages. As a child I valued presents but as I have aged I appreciate my cards and messages more.

Over New Year I got a short e-mail from Ian and Birgit with two nice photographs attached. You can see them for yourself. They were taken as Sydney (Australia) celebrated the start of 2015.  The quality reflects the current trend to phone-camera to take a ‘selfie’. A new and strange word!

Ian and Birgit look really healthy, fit and happy. Perhaps we should all move to Sydney :-)) The idea seems more attractive as I look out of the window to see dark, cold, wet days. I talked to both this morning over skype about my future trip.

I got important tips about clothes, transport, kinds of plugs for electrical equipment, banking-payment and other things. My visit there is now taking shape about when and where and who with. Only 4 weeks to go!

Meanwhile, I decided to fly to England at the end of January. I got an SMS from Adrian and Tanja inviting me to a special party on Sunday 25th January. I know why! It’s an anniversary and I can’t believe it was so many years ago. Let’s see what London looks like in a few weeks.