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January 2015 things

And lo it came to passeth that the year endeth. It already hasseth doneth so in Australia where I guesseth my friends are now offeth to sleepeth after celebrating. The Berliners are preparing for the event with family parties and a big gathering at Brandenburg Gate plus lots of fireworks – as per usual!

I chatted to Colin over coffee and Christmas Stollen early afternoon. He jetted in via Los Angeles yesterday. I am sure you will remember that he is Johanna’s cousin. He decided not to spend the New Year in sunny, hot Sydney but in cold, wet, grey Berlin. Well yes, everyone has their priorities. Mine would be for Sydney!

During his stay, we shall meet for trips to areas around Berlin and within the city. We have already drawn up a plan to drive to Canberra from Sydney when I am there in February. One of my priorities in January is to buy a large scale map of south-east Australia to help me plan my travels. I am sure Colin will help.

I told you I would get more cards after the 25th and I did. I got a total of 34 cards this year. I also got a small packet. Inside was a card from Sven and family and these nice presents. The jam was made by wife Milka and Nevena, who is their 8 year old daughter. Nevena also enclosed some soap she had made in the shape of skull and crossbones! What a talented daughter :-))

Who has a birthday in January 2015? Peter in Canterbury starts the month with his 55th on the 5th January. Hannelore will celebrate her 72nd with Peter at their home near Nice on the 13th. Harald in Berlin has his 51st on the 21st and Prof. Dr. Peter von Longlegs will celebrate his 31st in Potsdam on the 24th. Ending the month is Paul in New Zealand who will celebrate his 30th with his family on the 27th January.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!

      ——-    Happy New Year to my readers and I wish you good health in 2015    ——-