Left bed

Snow and pasta

Last Saturday it snowed heavily during the night. Berlin looked very clean. It was also quiet as people stayed at home, or left their cars at home.

My garden looked very nice with a new layer of snow. The building site was also clean and quite!

On Sunday I visited Max. I have talked about him before so I shall not repeat myself. It was our first meeting since our birthdays in May. We had talked about meeting but other plans, holidays and his study projects kept pushing meetings back. He called me just before Christmas and we fixed up the meeting.

I finally found his place and was pleased to enter a warm flat with the smell of food cooking. Max is an expert on Italian food. He cooked a dish he had developed from Spaghetti Bolognaise by adding more spices, mushrooms and some green round things!

Very tasty indeed and we sipped a full bodied Spanish red wine. That was my contribution. Lots of catching up on news. This included seeing lots of photos of his climbing holiday in Croatia. We plan to meet again in one of his favourite restaurants – yes, it is Italian – before I leave in early February. 

Just one of the pleasant events I had over the holiday period.