Left bed


Yesterday afternoon I had another pleasant meeting to end the holiday period. It was with Birgit F. She is a long time friend but we hadn’t met for ages. Telephoned but not met face to face. Lots of talking over a glass of sekt then coffee and cakes.

I went to the Komische Oper this morning. Yes, in the morning for it was a rehearsal for the New Year concert on 1 January. I can’t make it then so Angelika smuggled me into the opera house. I really enjoy watching rehearsals for most people who see a performance never get the chance to see the (dress) rehearsal.

I like seeing how the sound engineers work with the conductor/players, and this time there were people  from a TV company. Part of it will be shown on local TV. There was not a lot of changes to be made to how the players performed. They are professional and have worked together for years. It is a  really pleasant way to move gently from morning to afternoon. Try it if you get the chance!

I took a photo with my mobile phone camera. Even with enhancement via Photoshop it still leaves ‘a lot to be desired’! No substitute for a ‘real’ camera.