Left bed

Waiting for…..

No, I’m not Waiting For Godo :-))  A brilliant play. I saw it in my first year at uni and have never forgotten it. I’m waiting for some Oldies to arrive for K&K. This means Kaffee und Kuchen = coffee and cakes. I expect them to arrive exactly at 3.00pm!

We decided to share the work so mine was to provide the room and  K&K. They provide the rest = wine and supper. Not a bad division.

How was your day yesterday? Happy and healthy I hope. Also thanks to some of you who looked at this blog. I had 20 visitors yesterday. I was surprised for I thought everyone would be too busy tucking into turkey and unwrapping presents. I guess some of you wondered ‘What is he up to’? and read the blog.

I received some nice and unexpected presents. One stands out. This was from Marita. Pity you can’t see her smile then hear her big laugh as she handed me the present with these words. “You don’t need to buy a diary for 2015. If you want to know the day then just look at your feet!”

In case you are still wondering, the package contains 7 pairs of socks with the days of the week printed on them. Nice one, Marita :-)) Now, I wonder what my guests are bringing for supper and to drink?