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I’ve just raised a glass of cool, light sekt to toast my family and friends around the world. Although it is 1.00pm here I always raise it at noon UK time. Old habits die hard!

I also opened my cards. It is a wonderful experience to do so and read the messages in different languages and see the images. Here is a great one from I&B to share with you. I think the five words sum it all up perfectly :-)))

I got 29 cards and I am sure a few more will arrive when the post service starts again. Here is one from my great-nephew Henry. He is all of 5 years old and in the first class at school. He loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. That’s what his parents told me 🙂

What do you think this budding singing star has created? Is it a penguin or something that resembles one? I really love those thin spindly legs and wonder how the penguin can move on them. And what is that thing at the back of Mr. Penguin’s head? It looks like a cricket…..or is it a flea, and why has he only got one eye?

Receiving things like this are part of the unexpected pleasure of this holiday period. Enjoy the rest of the day with family and friends. Prost!!