Left bed

The week before

The week before the Christmas over eating/drinking days began with a SPD meeting last Saturday morning. I arrived late but still understood what was happening.

I later checked the weather. It was not good. I decided not to go to the ‘Wintersonnenwende’ with Stephan and Peter. Being in the rain and cold for hours was/is not my idea of fun. I went to Angelika’s opera house instead!

Sunday was a lazy day and I slept late. I needed it for as you know there is a building site opposite my flat so I can’t sleep late/longer except on a Sunday. Marcel left for Hungary early that day to spend the holiday with his family before flying to Manchester to have a weeks holiday with his sister.

On Monday and Tuesday I went to my Training Centre, did my Christmas food shopping and visited Marita for a pleasant meal and chat. We had a splendid light, tasty meal with Proseco and interesting discussions. I also borrowed her serviette to share with you. She loves cats. I wonder if it comes under the heading of ‘Kitsch’?

This morning I went to Johanna’s ‘Schloss’ for our Christmas breakfast. It is now a tradition. At noon we opened a bottle and raised our glasses to toast Colin. He is Johanna’s cousin and lives in Australia. I shall meet him when I arrive there in February. We sent this photo of us to him with our best wishes for the New Year.

And so we arrive at Christmas Eve, Berlin time. I shall have a relaxing evening perhaps with a DVD for there is nothing on TV that interests me. That goes for tomorrow and shows the gulf between my taste and that of millions of others. But then that is not new!  Enjoy your evening with or without TV :-))