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Getting Ready

I’ve been getting ready for the over-eating session called Christmas. I cut back on food this week and lost 1 kilo plus increased my visits to the fitness centre. I hope to continue next week, but I have even more invitations to Christmas parties involving eating and drinking!

On Wednesday evening I went to my local SPD  Christmas Fest at a local restaurant. We also had the pleasure of talking to our candidate to be the next Mayor. The evening ended with more drinks to the tune of the James Last orchestra :-(( At that point I got out quickly :-))

This afternoon I met my Photoshop Gang  for our “Weihnachtsfeier”. As 2.00pm approached the place filled up with ‘Oldies’ including some with Zimmer-Frames, crutches and sticks. Brave of them to struggle to the event but they clearly enjoyed being there. Lots of singing along to a live music band and waving their sticks/crutches to the music!

Here is a photo of my invitation in red, some Christmas ‘greenery’ I rescued from the table :-)). Behind these you can see a calender prepared by Stephan. Notice the front page for it was created by ME!! Thanks for that Stephan!

Finally, here is a photo of the first Christmas present from me to me. Yes, I was down to one white wine glass so I galloped to Lydll because they had a special offer for different glasses. My guests will no doubt be happy with my choice – depending on what  I pour into a glass!