Left bed


One crane is now operating in front of my window. Another is being built. The base is in the sand and the workers are building the metal supports before the concrete is pumped into the base structure.

It is really interesting to see how the work is organised and divided. Each group just gets on with a task regardless of other groups working nearby.

I now have a row of blue mobile container offices outside my window. I wonder who will occupy them and what they will do.

I recently got a call from Stefan Sch. just to catch up on news. In the course of our conversation he said he looked at my blog but mainly for the photographs!

Another photo looker to go with Jan and a few others. All university educated so I still wonder what is difficult about reading a simple text in addition to looking at the photos?

I should have gone to Poland this morning for a shopping excursion. It was called off at the last minute due to ‘Oldie Illness’. We may go next weekend or next week depending on other appointments and health.

Meanwhile, have a look at the cranes – if you are unable/too lazy to read text :-))