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Herr Ober!

Yes, when you are ‘dining’ in an expensive and traditional German/Austrian restaurant and you want to get the attention of the waiter you say clearly, ‘Herr Ober!’ Even in less expensive places it is still used and considered polite, but formal.

I said it to Marcel a few times yesterday. He grimaced! Others within earshot stared or smiled! Here is a photo of him being Herr Ober. On his tray you can see my half empty paper coffee cup. Well, he had to carry something to show the boss he was working!

The event was laying the foundation stone for the new building opposite my flat. I was invited and enjoyed the event. Lots of information about the project including that it will cost €20 million, there will be 60 underground garages and 78 different sized flats above them, plus a garden and meeting centre for tenants.

Having duly laid the foundation stone we formed queues for a range of grilled steaks, large sausages, potato and other salads, rolls, cakes, coffee, tea and cold drinks. I munched my lunch in the tent where a group played popular jazz. At the end only Marcel and I remained to applaud the group for the last tune. A really nice time.