Left bed

Guess where

Guess where Marcel will be working on Saturday morning? No idea? Then look at this image. No, not cleaning out the workers’ toilet you can see in the foreground :-((      Look behind it and you can see a large, white, tent! Well done, you got there!

Where is the tent? Yes, you recognised the area. It is in a corner of the large hole in front of my flat. It is being furnished for an event starting at 11am on Saturday 22 November. I got an invitation as follows: ‘Einladung zur Grundsteinlegung’. It means an invitation to the laying of the foundation stone. I accepted immediately!

The connection to Marcel is that he works part time for a catering company. They got the contract to feed and water people like me at the event. He was asked to work there as a ……waiter :-))) He called me yesterday to give me the news. What a coincidence!