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Mehr Kunst

It’s Friday evening again and that means I have returned from creating works of art with my Photoshop Gang. The one showing the Zwinger Palace Complex I did on Friday last week.

The complex of palaces, museums and art galleries is in the centre of Dresden. It has never looked like this before. I decided water in the moat was too traditional so I changed it to blood! What else did I change?  Go on, look again.

Stefan had taken a number of photos of the garden at the Oldie Centre where we meet and we had to work on these today. I selected a photo of flowers still in bloom in the garden. I changed it to black and white then changed the colour of three flowers. The task was simple to play around with different tools and see what the result was. Here it is.

I decided to play further so I selected a photo of a box of plants in the garden. I applied my creative talents and this is the abstract result. Look at it closely and see if you can see what the original could have looked like. Rather like staring at a late Picasso!

I’ve had a good week. It started with Marcel and a meal, a meeting/meal with Johanna, Gerald and Jutta and ended with my creative session this afternoon. Hope you had a good week. I also hope to go to the Polish border on Sunday. The weather is warm for the time of year so it is time to take advantage and get away for a day!