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Hi,my name is Daniel.I will be 18 in two weeks. I was born  on a cold  wet day in Chisinau, which is  the capital of Moldova. At school I learnt Russian, Romanian and English. Now I  have been speaking German for one year.I am a pupil at a secondary school in Marzahn.This is a district north-east of where John lives.

My hobbies are collecting coins from all over the world.  My favourite novel is Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes I like cycling in the park which is near to  my home. In summer 2009, my family went to Antalya, Turkey which  was nice . Now I want to go to Cuba because l want to visit  the places where Che Guevara fought against a dictator.  Cuba is also a good place to practice many waterspots.I like swimming very much. In Havana there are many old cars.

I met Frau Fox after I  came to Berlin one year ago. Through Fau Fox I met John. Frau Fox asked him to help me with English. I  practice English  each week and he always gives me homework :-(( Now l am learning more verbs and tenses.English tenses are very difficult and I wonder why do the English need to use ‘do’ and ‘did’ to make questions and negatives?  I think Russian and German are easier to learn :-))