Left bed

More banging

I slept late this morning. Well, 10:00am is late for me. It is the only morning in the week when I am not woken between 6:30 and 7:00am when the machines start on the building site opposite my bedroom.Here you can see for yourself and I am sure you can image the noise.

Today, I should have been on my way to Torgau but it was cancelled. I heard the news on my return from visiting Sven and family yesterday. The reason is a national strike by train drivers over the weekend. Many families are not too happy for it is the start of the autumn school holidays.

Last Tuesday I met my SPD Oldies and we went to Haus des Rundfunks. It is the home of ‘rbb’ = rundfunk berlin-brandenburg. It is home to the local radio/TV station. A very interesting time and we could go into the studio where the news programmes are broadcast. It all looked different in the studio compared to looking at it on your TV screen.

The rest of the week was as per standard including some teaching, visiting Oldies, training with Kerstin, and another tasty Oldie breakfast on Thursday morning. Next week looks much the same except I have a new student and my Photoshop Gang starts next Friday morning. Endlich!

Here you can see a photo of part of my back garden this morning. You can see the sunny weather and leaves falling to the ground as autumn advances further. Ian called me from Australia this morning and told me about the onward march of Spring. Nice to hear his news.