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How many interesting sights, scenes, images do we see each day and not notice? I think I am as guilty as anyone but this week I noted two. Today I got a postcard from Alan and Lynne. They are visiting family in New Zealand – Australia.

This is the view on the card.  It’s amazing and I can only wonder what it would be like to see it ‘live’. It is of Milford Sound on the north coast of the south island looking out to sea. On the left is Mitre Peak and on the right is The Lion. The water appears dark because it is very deep.

Just look at the valley on the right with a river running through. You can see where it starts in the mountains from melting snow. I would love to go skiing there 🙂

The second image is of a ‘high-rise’ block of flats at Landsberger Allee 228, in the district called Lichtenberg where I live. The photo was taken by Holger Harschal, and the images were created/painted by James Bullough and Addison Karl. Well done, gentlemen!

At the moment I am helping a young man with his English.  Last week I helped him with his homework. It was to comment on a song. He wrote an interesting critical comment. Part of the text was about ‘standing on your shoulders’.

This image is on the front of a card listing all the cultural events in my district from October to December. I showed it to my student who laughed long and loud. Yes, he liked it and I am sure he will always remember those words.

What I like is that there are three young men, two of whom are standing on shoulders = being supported. If you look closely you can see that the figures could represent German, Vietnamese and Turkish young men. That is the main mix in Lichtenberg! Very nice.