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BIG news

Yes, very BIG news! Have a look at this nice hand. Notice the ring. What is it? Answer: An engagement ring! Whose hand is it?

A few weeks ago I met Arancha and Jan when they arrived in Berlin to attend the wedding of a friend. I posted a report on my blog. When we sat down in the hotel bar to catch up on news, Arancha began to wave her hand gently. I finally noticed the ring then the ‘penny dropped’.

Big warm embraces followed and I was delighted at their news. Jan proposed to her on her recent birthday and she accepted. At last Jan! The best decision you have ever made 🙂 They invited me to their wedding.

It will be next summer, probably in July, in the north of Spain where Arancha’s family live. Now all I need to do is learn some basic Spanish so I can communicate with her parents. Hola, como estas and Bien gracias. Y. como estas? is a start but not enough!

Congratulations to both from me and those of you who know them. PS: Sister Andrea is getting married in Berlin next September. Next year is looking very nice so far!