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More ride pics

Yesterday Falk gave me the photos he had taken of the bicycle tour last Friday = 3 October. I wrote a story about it a few posts ago. Falk had not only taken some good shots of the scenery but of us pedaling along. Here are a few to complement the first report.

The first pic is of us cycling near a very old Straßenbahn (Tram) which runs from Friedrichshagen to Woltersdorf. It must have been built sometime in the 1920s by the look of it and it is still running. 

The next shot is of me just after escaping from the barriers that lock off an area when the road/bridge opens. The big metal ‘thing’ is a counter weight and drops down as the bridge opens. It nearly got me! Actually the alarm bells set off and the barriers opened to allow me out. Falk was there to take a shot!

Another photo is of us enjoying a picnic next to the Flakensee. We are in the middle of the photo and you can see the trees and colours of early autumn.

The last one was taken at the small lake where some went swimming. It was taken by the Portuguese lady I mentioned earlier so we were all in the shot. Usually there is always one missing = the person behind the camera!

I hope you enjoy seeing a bit more of a very pleasant day.