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October 2014 Things

In Berlin we entered a new month with hazy sun and patches of blue sky. Hope it stays so for the weekend. I heard that England had the driest September since records began. I wonder if G&T and beer consumption rose as a result?

There is a public holiday on Friday 3 October. It is called ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’. It celebrates unification of the two German states. Many people enjoy the long weekend by going to the coast, visiting family/friends, going on bicycle rides, picnics, grilling. Much the same as you would do.

I shall be on a bicycle ride with some of my ‘Mug Gang’. Next Monday there will be a new experience for me as a delegate at the Berlin SPD state level conference on migration and integration. I have to make notes and report back to my local committee.

On Wednesday evening I shall be in a special meeting of the SPD. I have already reserved a seat to listen to the three candidates seeking election to be the next Mayor of Berlin. This is an executive position for he/she heads Berlin’s government. I received my voting papers last week, but want to listen to each before I make a X on the voting slip.

Other events are an ‘Oldie’ walk, a teachers’ workshop, a visit to a Mosque/Moschee/Musjid with the SPD Oldies, and going to a new group about editing photographs, plus all the usual things.

Who has a birthday in October? Andrew will be 37 on the 4th and no doubt celebrate with his family in Ilkley. Warren will be 38 on the 12th and do the same thing in Silsden. My darling little sister Frances will be 68 on the 14th and also celebrate in Sildsden – or at Betty’s on The Grove 🙂 On the 21st I shall be sipping a glass or three of sekt to celebrate Marita’s birthday. Dianne B. has her 68th on the 27th in Keighley. Tanya ends the month with her 50th on the 31st and will celebrate with Adrian in London. Here is to all of you – Happy Birthday!