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Seek ye

‘Seek and ye shall find’ is a phrase all children of my generation learnt in the UK. I’m not sure where it comes from but it sounds like 16/17th century to me. Perhaps Mr. William S. wrote it in one of his plays. I found but I did not seek!

I decided to look for an orange ‘squeezy’ thing. You cut an orange in half and squeeze it onto this thing. It separates the juice from the flesh of the orange. I am sure you now know what I mean. I set out in search after breakfast.

I ended up looking in rarely visited cupboards in my kitchen. At the back I found these treasures. They smiled at me as I pulled them into daylight 🙂 I can remember buying the red bottle at the end of my stay in Beijing. It is full of rice wine and still untouched.

I can’t remember buying the bottle of Jura Turas-Mara single malt whisky. Perhaps in the duty free shop in Beijing when I flew back to Berlin ? The ‘blurb’ says it is ‘Rich and Intensive with black forest fruits and plums’. Now it sound like a strong red wine!

I also discovered a traditional silver mug for drinking beer. The words “To John from E107: Good Luck” are inscribed at the front. This was a present from the Wellingborough trade union branch in September 1979 when I left for university.

What a surprise to find it again. The ideal thing for Jan to drink his beer from on his next visit! Have a look at the back of your cupboards. You may be surprised at what you find!